These testimonials are a small selection un-solicited comments from customers.


"My wife and I are delighted with the Erection Inducer Device purchased earlier this year. It is amazing how easy it is to obtain an erection and we regret not discovering it earlier." D J H - Canterbury

"Please find enclosed postal orders for a pair of Confidence Rings. I must say my EID does everything as advertised. I have only had mine for 7 weeks and it works like a charm. I have always been very sluggish in that department so imagine my joy, at 69, discovering the EID. Its transformed my sex life. It's a sensation. Many thanks." L C - Chesterfield

"I have experienced so very much pleasure since acquiring the EID. I am enjoying a new lease of life at my age (78). I doubt whether I will be able to dispense with the device but of course, I am forever optimistic! There were inevitably a few problems to begin with which were soon overcome with patience and determination. Erections can now be maintained quite easily." R V C - Auckland

"I rejoice in the fact that I now have a better erection than I have ever had and I'm in my seventies." R E G - Sutton

"By the way, the EID is everything you say it is and really does work and you may use this as an unsolicited recommendation." A E B - Ashford

"Superb results obtained with the EID and Confidence Rings. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone." W J W - Lincoln


"Premature ejaculation was ruining my sex life but the Confidence Rings gave me the confidence necessary. After 6 months, the problem has gone and I am far more relaxed." J S M- Cardiff

"Let me say that the Confidence Rings are the most comfortable of al the rings that I have tested and I wear them for approximately 45 mins. The material is of the highest quality and the sensitivity is almost natural and ejaculation is almost not impeded. At present, these are the best penile constrictor rings that I have ever used." K J T - Sheffield

"I thought I would have to try Viagra but thanks to the Confidence Rings normal service has been resumed." G E P - Bolton

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