The patented soft comfortable ring stretches easily to fit at the base of the penis, gently maintaining arterial flow and controlling venous outflow thereby sustaining a firmer erection. Confidence Rings fit all sizes and are available in two strengths, firm and regular and last for about 6 months. The Confidence Ring was developed and tested over a 4 year period and has a 90% success rate in holding erections. The rings are made from a special patented silicone formula that is 50% softer than latex and never gets in the way during intercourse. A unique feature is the built in memory which adapts the ring to the circumference of the penis during the first time of use.


A major advance in vacuum therapy has been the arrival of the Confidence Rings from America. Owing to their special elasticity, they can be placed over a vacuum cylinder without a loading device. Confidence Rings can therefore be used with any type or make of vacuum pumps. The most important benefit is that although compressing the veins of the penis to contain blood flow, they also allow arterial flow. This means that a partial erection with a Confidence Ring in place can be further stimulated with a vacuum pump to produce a full erection.


These unique penile constriction rings are widely used as a stand alone product when men can get an erection but cannot sustain it. Temporary erection problems affect most men at some time of their lives and the Confidence Ring can be easily fitted over an erect penis to hold it firm for up to 45 minutes. The rings can be used with a condom which will be kept securely in place. Confidence Rings can be used in conjunction with drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Uprima and with MUSE and injection therapy.

Distributors required for the Erection Inducer Device and Confidence Rings worldwide except for UKĀ 

Confidence Rings